(Single-Engine or Multi-Engine)

Commercial Pilot

A Commercial Certificate gives you permission to pursue employment as a pilot, and also permits you to work freelance under certain circumstances. Bottom line: you can get paid to fly!

Training Overview (Mastery)

Commercial certification standards emphasize mastery of your aircraft. As a result, certification requirements include significant time-building, cross-country flying, and advanced maneuvers. You are also expected to understand systems to the extent that you can be trusted to act responsibly as a professional pilot.

Requirements (250 hours minimum)

Applicants require at least 250 hours of total time, and certain cross-country and night requirements. Beyond that, aspiring commercial pilots must pass a written, oral, and practical exam.

Highly variable. Please contact Roxon Aviation for advice.

Generally commercial applicants are prepared for the checkride before they’ve met minimum FAA experience requirements. The actual skills-based training for commercial pilot examination is typically less than 20 hours. Please contact us to chat about your specific situation.

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