Multi-Engine Rating


Multi-engine flying is a core competency for pilots aspiring to airline and corporate careers. It’s fun, but serious business.

Training Overview (Flying OEI)

The core of multi-engine training is planning for an engine failure and flying with one engine inoperative (OEI). Multi-engine pilots must be ready—at any moment—to deal with an engine failure and assure a safe outcome.

Requirements (10 hours minimum)

Unlike other certificates, multi-engine pilots don’t require a written exam. They’ll simply need to pass a checkride (oral and practical). For most multi-engine students this requires between 10 and 20 hours of training.

Investment (20 hours)

Multi-engine training teaches critical concepts, but builds off existing knowledge. Adequately prepared students should not expect to take more than 20 hours of flight time to be checkride-ready.

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