Instrument Rating

Instrument Rating Course

Instrument Training

Roxon Aviation offers an instrument rating course. The instrument rating is the next step of training after earning the Private pilot certificate. Instrument pilots learn to control the aircraft solely by reference to the aircraft’s instruments. With an instrument rating you will be able to fly in marginal weather conditions.

Ground Training
Your ground training is accomplished using our state-of-the-art Computer Based Instruction program that uses fully interactive graphics and full motion video. You’ll learn aircraft control methods, how the flight instruments work, airports and approaches, plus much more.

Flight Training
Flight training is completed in a Piper aircraft. Our aircraft are all equipped with the latest radios and avionics. You’ll practice controlling the aircraft by reference to its instruments, navigating enroute by navigation aids, and practice instrument approaches to airports.

To start instrument training you need a Private Pilot Certificate and at least a third class medical.

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