Corporate Flight Attendants



Corporate Flight Attendants   $7,000.00



Ground School Course Modules
Welcome 0.25
Aircraft Fires and Fire Fighting 1.50
Aviation Orientation & Terminology 1.00
Time Conversion 0.25
Crew Resource Management 1.00
Aviation Weather/Surface Contamination 1.00
Code of Federal Regulations 1.00
Corporate Cabin Service 8.50
Passenger Safety Briefing 0.50
Crewmember Duties 1.00
Decompression & High Altitude Physiology 1.00
Crew and Pax Oxygen 0.50
Ditching & Survival Equipment 1.50
Emergency Equipment 1.50
Accidents and Incidents 0.50
Evacuation Procedures 1.50
HAZMAT (Will Not Carry 1.00
Highjacking and Security 1.00
Illness and Injury 1.00

Ground School Training Hours


Drill and Assessment Course Modules
Evacuation Scenario Drills 7.00
Fire Fighting Drills 0.25
Sea Survival Drills 1.75
Review and Exam 1.00
Total Hours


Approvals and Limitations

This course meets most minimum recommendations for ICAO and IS-BAO cabin crewmember emergency training.

The course also meets most of the regulatory requirements for emergency training for FAA Operations such as Pt. 135.331.

Training is approved under the Part 142 Training Certificate.

Total Cost of the Course is $7,000.00 plus tax

  • Hotel (included)
  • Meals (included)
  • Transportation (included)